Many Japanese don't leave their seats during the end credits. It's a time to pray to the makers of the film.

You are in a Japanese movie hall.  Hold down any miscreants who try to leave their seats during the end credits with a traditional Japanese sweets called “KAGAMI-MOCHI.”

How to play.

Any key : Drop a KAGAMI-MOCHI

The key is written on the back of the seat. Look closely!





Any key : 鏡餅を落とす


Updated 18 hours ago
Published 3 days ago
AuthorSummer Books Philosophy
GenreAction, Shooter
Made withUnity
Tags2D, Singleplayer, Unity


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This was really fun and the audio was so well done! It's very satisfying to drop a sweet onto a viewer's head. :)

I'm also fascinated when games try to split your attention across two separate things (since I really was trying to read the credits!)

Love it!

this game is amazing! I love the design.  The interactivity is unique as i didn’t realize the prayer part For the end credits for Japanese culture.  The letters were hard to read.

This was fun! It was a little difficult to read the letters at first but I love the concept. Great job. The little people/monsters have fun profiles too.

This entry is super neat! I love typing games and I like how this mixes a simple gameplay concept with a cool aesthetic.

Very original, I like your style. The "," and "." miscreants definitely escaped on my first try since they were hard to see. Cool characters by the way, and I learned something about Japan. Congrats!